Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pink Gin 152ft - Baltic Yachts

Fresh from the Baltic Yard in Finland, where she had under gone a total refit, Pink Gin 152ft arrived in Valencia Spain on the 7/7/2011 with only one stop off in London on the way down.
She averaged a speed between 13 - 14kts all the way down. This speed is astonishing for a boat of this size, the speed increase was mainly down to the new solid Carbon Rigging from Future Fibres . The captain only had praises to sing about the outstanding performance that the yacht has gained after moving to Future Fibres Carbon rigging for Rod.
Taking all of that weight off the mast makes the yacht feel like a totally different boat. The Carbon rigging can be seen in the picture to the right.
The name Pink Gin comes from the cocktail "Pink Gin" it contains gin and a swirl of angostura bitters. Not a bad cocktail to drink.
Pink Gin was launched in 2006 from the Baltic yard and was designed by the German naval architects Judel/Vrolijk. with great team work between all parties and the owner the this magnificent and beamy yacht was produced.Due to the boats Beam8.45m this allows for a huge saloon and plenty of interior space. Out on deck the boat consists of two cockpits which blend in well with the lines of the boat.
Pink Gin is now on its way to St Tropez for the Mediterranean season of cruising around Italian coast line and other spots in the Med.
In the picture you can really see the beam of the boat and how her smooth lines just blend well all the way down to the stern forming this great looking yacht.

I will leave you with two last picture on of the cockpit looking to the bow and the other one is of
the elegant Carbon Rigging produced by Future Fibres.


  1. Just seen her in Puerto Banus. Wonderful looking yacht, possibly been involved in the recent races out of Alicante

  2. I saw her in Angra dos Reis, they were going to Buenos Aires. Incredible yacht, there´s an Argentinian, from Mendoza, in her crew.

  3. saw her in Punta del Este, Uruguay a week ago. Amazing Yacht!

  4. She is back in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Amazing boat! Congrats to the owner! Enjoy her!!