Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swift 141, 462ft By Abu Dhabi MAR

One of the newest MegaYacht that's going to enter into the top 10 privately owned yachts in the world will be Yas, project name Swift 141. This will go straight in at a rank of number 6 in the world. This yacht is currently being built in Abu Dhabi by the shipyard Abu Dhabi MAR. The shipyard are using an old Dutch Frigate which measures 131m and using the hull and converting it into this MegaYacht "Yas". Below is the design model of the yacht.

The yachts stylish, curvy and some what space like exterior and interior is designed by Pierrejean Design studio in Paris. This design studio is most known for aviation interiors. With the launch of Yas, this will be the studios first motor yacht and will propel them into this industry. Yas will be able to accommodate up to 60 guests and have a crew of 60 as well. The interior will be very spacious due to the size of the yacht.
When this yacht is launched it will certainly turn heads with its modern design. This project has been kept very secret and not much is known about what the boat will include but you can be sure that it will be of the highest quality. The pictures below show the deck looking out from the shed at the sunset, and a side on view of the hull.

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