Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Too Big or Not Too Big That is The Question?

Roman Abramovich's Yacht "Eclipse" 557ft it is currently the largest privately owned yacht in the world, but is it too big? Antibes port authority think so when she was refused entry into the port due to the fact that the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Alsaud's yacht "Kingdom 5KR" 265ft was docked there.
The port authority were asked by the crew of Eclipse if it could dock beside Kingdom 5KR but they were told that there was not enough space for the two yachts and that they were too big. The space where Kingdom 5KR was docked was the only space in the harbour big enough to dock Roman Abramovich's giant yacht.

A source at the port said that " He is always welcome to dock his yachts here so he can go to his villa on the sea front, but a yacht of this size its just not possible."

So Eclipse had to anchor just off shore as seen in the above picture and Roman Abramovich and his guests had to go ashore by a tender. Is this yacht to big? Below is a picture of the Princes yacht Kingdom 5KR.

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