Tuesday, February 14, 2012

McDiarmid Design's New 87m "Iwana"

This is the stunning and modern new 3D design from British designer Alex McDiarmid, who is based in the south of France. Following on from the international media coverage generated by the Iwana 85m concept in 2011 and the success at the Monaco Yacht Show the project has now been taken into 3D and has an extra 2ft, showing a fresh thinking approach to the styling of the 87m (288ft) Superyacht while maintaining a classic bow shape. The Iwana project was inspired by marine iguanas, lizards and water dragons and these inspirations can be seen throughout the yacht especially in the windows and angled lines through the superstructure.

The superstructure integrates a full length, panoramic roof window running over the yacht. This incorporates a solar panel system in the "Magic Smart Glass". All of the glass used on the yacht is electronically and colour switchable for instant privacy, sun/glare protection and visual entertainment. The huge usage of glass windows throughout this yacht will let large amounts of natural light to enter the decks and emphasize the interior design.

To maximise the aft deck space the hull opens into two fold down, role out and wrap around swimming platforms/beach clubs that can be seen in the below image. The inspiration for this feature came from the sun loving, lizards in hot tropical countries that have frill and hood expanding necks. The platforms incorporate part of the aft hull windows that turn into a partial glass bottomed floor allowing guests to see the marine life and habitats in the turquoise waters below.

The main deck will consist of a social and relaxation area and an aft swimming pool that has spectacular views of the sea and surrounding area for guests. There will be a jacuzzi located on the owners private dinning deck which also has plenty of room for dinning guests and the upper most deck has a private retreat area for the owner in addition to the private dinning deck.

The aft garage will include water toys such as tenders, wave runners, sea scooters, windsurfers, kayaks, waterskis, wake boards and a whole range of scuba and fishing gear. These custom tenders and toys are under development to match the exterior styling of the yacht.

"McDiarmid Design have pushed the boundaries of yacht design to produce one of the most innovative and creative designs to date, one word sums it up Stunning."

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