Thursday, February 2, 2012

Superyacht Challenge Antigua 2012 Results

The Superyacht Challenge Regatta took place from the 27th-29th of January in Antigua. Some of the worlds most prestigious Superyachts attended this 3 days regatta, which included the 180ft ketch Marie, the 140ft ketch Rebecca and the181ft twin masted schooner Adela, just to name a few. A total of 11 yachts took part in this years event that will hopefully grow in the next few years and attract more of the worlds Superyachts. The final results can be seen below.
  1. Rebecca, Total Points: 10
  2. Sojana, Total Points: 11
  3. Virago, Total Points: 17
  4. Adela, Total Points: 19
  5. This Is Us, Total Points: 20
  6. Drumfire, Total Points: 25
  7. Marie, Total Points: 26
  8. Marama, Total Points: 27
  9. Windrose, Total Points: 33
  10. Timoneer, Total Points: 37
  11. Fedelis, Total Points: 47

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