Tuesday, March 27, 2012

'Mirabella V' Arrives at Pendennis

The worlds largest sailing sloop Mirabella V 247ft (75.2) has just arrived at the Pendennis yard for and extensive year long refit. The new owner has renamed the yacht M5 and has briefed the team on adapting the yachts exterior and interior to his needs. M5's refit at Pendennis will see the structural fabrication and composite work undertaken by another UK based company, Green Marine, with support from structural engineers High Modulus Europe Ltd. This will include the redesign and extension of the stern by 3m and the installation of a side boarding platform.

She will also have a substantial amount of engineering work done including, the main engines, generators, switchboards and sewage treatment plant replaced along with an upgrade of the air conditioning system, electrics and entertainment system. A full hull repaint along with a mast (which is 90m in length) and rigging overhaul is to be conducted as well. The interior will see the main and lower decks undergo a complete restyle. M5's main deck will be completely transformed once all joinery is replaced to complement Redman Whitely Dixon's new contemporary design.

Ron Holland who were the original naval architects when Mirabella V was launched in 2004, will be in charge of the structural improvements for the refit commented:

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the new owner on Mirabella V and respond to their requirements for this substantial refit. We look forward to working in partnership with Pendennis and RWD once again."

This refit with the collaboration of the new owner and some of the industries finest will give a new lease of life to one of the most well known Superyachts in the world today.

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