Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Napkin Designs

Some of the most talented yacht designers are out there in the world but have just not been found. They may be working in an office, a school, a restaurant or on a bus but they are there and in their spare time just drawing designs. I have been lucky enough to come across one of these designers. I was in a coffee shop last weekend and as I was standing in the line waiting for my coffee, just looking around I noticed a man sitting in his chair and drawing Superyachts on his napkin.

I took my coffee and went down to introduce myself and Mega Yacht Global. We got talking and he drew a few designs for Mega Yacht Global. The above design shows smooth sporty lines that flow aft to the stern that he drew off the top of his head in 2 minutes, a top designer in the making.The above design with its modern lines and style fits right in to today's designs. Mega Yacht Global will be searching for more napkin designers and if you have any designs that you wish to share please email Mega Yacht Global at If you have any thoughts on the above designs please leave a comment.

We will be bringing you more designs from the original napkin designer 'Jorge Castro'.

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