Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two Superb Designs from Yacht Designer Aras Kazar

Two superb designs from Turkish yacht designer Aras Kazar entered the Mega Yacht Global mail box last week. The two designs Blue Dream II and Blue Peace are eco-friendly inspired and with their sharp ultra modern lines would be a real head turner in any top class marina in the world.

Blue Dream II

Blue Dream II is 67m (220ft) in length with a range of 2500nm, she will have a maximum speed of 30kts and a cruising speed of 20kts. She has a special eco-friendly feature with a large solar panel on the roof of the main deck, which will convert the suns rays into energy that fulfills 100% of the electricity requirements.

The whole superstructure comes wrapped with glass windows which provide a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. This is to make sure that nothing comes in between the owner and guests views. The side and front glass windows come with the flexibility of being opened to let that cool tropical breeze circulate throughout the yacht.

She will have four decks where guests can relax and entertain. The upper flybridge deck includes a U shaped sofa where guests can relax and take in the surrounding area from a pristine viewing point. The owners suite is aft of the bridge on the deck below which includes a jacuzzi, a private office and a bar. The main deck will let the owners entertain and socialize in its spacious lounge or the formal dining area which can be easily converted into a conference room. Also on this deck there is a library, gym, 2 jacuzzi's and two of the guest cabins. The other two guest cabins are located on the lower deck. The bow area will include a large sunken pool and sunning area.

'Blue Dream II will provide quality and high visual satisfaction in a single package'

Blue Peace

Blue Peace is 42m (137ft) in length and will have a range of 500nm at an astonishing speed of 40kts. She will have a maximum speed of an incredible 60kts. Her design was inspired from a unique species "Piscis Volans" also known to most as the flying fish. Aras Kazar has continued with his eco-friendly concept with solar panels placed as wings on both sides of the yacht, seen in the slide show below. These panels just open while Blue Peace is not moving and just like in Blue Dream II the solar panels convert the suns rays into energy that fulfills 100% of the electricity requirements.

You could call Blue Peace a convertible Megayacht, with her roof being able to open up half way by the touch of a button. This reveals the aft deck and seating area for up to 14 guests. Her accommodation includes an owners stateroom, two guest cabins and two crew cabins. You could just imagine sitting and relaxing at the dining table on the aft deck as the sun goes down behind a tropical island in the south pacific.

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