Saturday, April 14, 2012

SV Designs Two Futuristic Superyacht Concepts

Two new futuristic concept designs from the french design studio SV Design have the wow factor that will turn your head for a second look and capture your interest. The first is a 47m (154ft) sloop Oiseau Noir that has been designed for sailing fast and hard with minimal crew.

Oiseau Noir

Sylvain from SV Design has commented saying that;

'Oiseau Noir is born for sailing hard, sailing fast, very fast, with no effort and minimal crew. This is what Oiseau Noir can do.'

Her most noticeable design feature is her high hull lines that has created space in the stern for tender storage. This area in the stern can also be used as beach club with side doors that open out to create easy access to the water for a refreshing swim or for relaxing and catching a few rays. The VIP guest cabins are amidships with large side windows for low level ocean viewing. Oiseau Noir with her bold aggressive lines is sure to be a force to recon with out on the race course as well as turning heads on the dock.

Overall Dimensions
  • Length: 47.00m
  • Beam: 7.80m
  • Draft: 8.00m/5.50m
  • Displacement: 250tn
  • Sails: 1480sqm

l'Oiseau Bleu

l'Oiseau Bleu is on the other side of the sailing spectrum unlike the fast racing performance of Oiseau Noir, l'Oiseau Bleu is designed for luxury cruising. She is the type of Superyacht that will appeal to owners who would like to sail during the day at their own pace and relax in the evening time in comfort and luxury. The owners master suite is forward with large side window to let in natural light giving a spacious open feeling. The guest cabins are amidships each with large windows to keep the spacious open feeling throughout the yacht.

She will have three different ways you can reach the top deck. Three stairs one on each side giving access inside the deck house in front of the helms, and one at the back on portside giving direct access to the deck saloon. The deck saloon is the perfect place for relaxing in the evening with your favorite cocktail as the tropical sun starts to set. Tender storage will be below and aft of the top deck. This area will also serve as a sun area and an easy access to the water.

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