Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dubois 100m: Completes Tank Testing

Dubois Naval Architects have announced that they have just completed the tank testing of their massive 100m explorer sloop. The Wolfson Unit, who are probably the worlds most experienced research establishment with regards to sailing yachts were engaged for the large model testing. The tank that successfully tested the 1:17 scale model 5.88m in length was the Haslar tank and is 270m long. The model was towed at scale speeds of up to 26kts.

Tank testing is an invaluable tool in yacht design as some aspects of the design still benefit from visualisation, even with the accuracy of today's modern computer design. The test confirmed Dubois expectations of the yachts performance.

The model was also run in waves as it is a requirement that the yacht is dry and comfortable in a wide range of sea states.

She will be run under the design number 380 with a mast that will tower 125m and a center board that will have a max draft of 12.8m, this just shows you the sheer size of this yacht. She will be able to accommodate a crew of 20 all in single cabins and will start construction in mid 2013 for a completion in 2016. Prior to her construction there will be a lot more testing and Mega Yacht Global will keep you up to date with the progress. For more information on the 100m follow the link below to a previous article.

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