Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MY Luna Explores The 1000 Island Region

Photo: Tourism Bureau of the Thousand Island Region

The 115m (377ft) expedition style Superyacht Luna which is currently ranked at number 18 in the top 100 privately owned Superyachts in the world passed under the Thousand Island bridge and made her way up the St Lawrence River to explore the islands the other day.

Luna is one of the Superyachts in billionaire Roman Abramovich's extensive fleet of yachts which also includes the current largest Superyacht in the world MY Eclipse. Luna was launched in 2009 by Lloyd Werft and Stahlbau Shipyard in Germany, and then later delivered to her owner in 2010 after she completed sea trials. Her interior was designed by the renowned designer Donald Starkey and her innovative bold exterior was designed by Newcruise Design. She features two helipads and a spacious aft deck which includes a covered swimming pool and plenty of space to catch some rays. She can accommodate up to 12 guests and is also available for charter so it begs the question, who might be on board now exploring the beautiful islands?

If you have any other pictures of Luna email them to megayachtglobal@gmail.com and we will put them up in the Photos & Video page. For information on the Thousand Island Region follow the links below the pictures.


  1. She is on her way to Spain now!!

  2. Do you know where in Spain she is going?

  3. Sorry...My Bad...She is headed to the Panama Canal...Cristobal!