Friday, July 20, 2012

Scottish Patrol Vessel Gets New Lease Of Life

The Atlantic Refit Center (ARC) in the beautiful town of La Rochelle in the west of France has started a major conversion on MY Norna, a 72m (236ft) ex Scottish patrol vessel. We love to see projects like this when old yachts get a new lease of life to explore the world by an enthusiastic and passionate owner. She will be converted into a commercially rated luxury expedition yacht that will be registered under the St Vincent & the Grenadines commercial yacht code. ARC are working closely with the owners team to achieve the perfect medium between a robust expedition yacht with exciting and luxurios interior.

MY Norna is being designed and converted to enable her to travel around the world as a full luxury expedition yacht that will be able to withstand all types of sea conditions. The owner has specifically requested that the finishing on the yacht be only semi faired so that it will keep the style of an explorer yacht. The owners intends to use her to explore the most extreme destinations of the world.

The conversion will include the following work:
  • New steel superstructure with a helipad
  • New accommodation to accommodate 12 guests and a crew of 21
  • Full electrical, hydraulic and mechanical overhaul
  • 2 new MTU 500 LW generators
  • Extensive class survey
  • Full overhaul of the main engines
  • Strip and painting of hull and superstructure to a semi faired finish

Mega Yacht Global will be bringing you exclusive updates throughout her conversion, so watch this space. The below picture shows the project getting underway.

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