Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cobra Yachts Tug Conversion Project "Le Lutteur"

Cobra Yachts in Turkey have just revealed their design images of their tug conversion project 'Le Lutteur' that is currently underway at the yards facilities in Bodrum Turkey. Le Lutteur is a fascinating little 30m (98ft) tug that spent her 39 year life operating for the French navy in the Irish Sea and the English Channel, some of the most grueling waters in the world.

She was based in Cherbourg during her 39 year career from 1962 - 2001 when she was decommissioned from the French Navy. Her main line of work was surveillance and security of the Channel and special assistance to the FOS (French Strategic Ocean Force) submarines but she also helped manoeuvre the Queen Elizabeth II during her stop overs in Cherbourg in the 60s and 70s. You can see her with the QEII in the slideshow below.

Now Le Lutteur, steeped with history is getting a new lease of life by Cobra Yachts for an owner who knows a good durable yacht when he sees one. When completed she will still resemble her former rugged self with her beautifully shaped classic 1930s style hull, but when she is launched at the end of the year she will have a new mission as a luxurious family Superyacht. Further details of her new specifications are not known at this time but we will bring you more information closer to her launch date.

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