Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Galata Series by Aras Kazar

The Galata series by Aras Kazar Design is your all in one 11m (36ft) tender that will meet the needs of everyone. She combines sporty angled lines with three important values; human friendliness, eco/earth friendliness and fun. Aras is keeping with his philosophy of designing yachts that go the extra mile with their added value factor. She has plenty of room for 9 guests and can be used with the roof off for those hot tropical climates or on for those that are chillier.

The Galata series will have three different lines, the Galata, Galata 4ll which will be wheelchair accessible and the Galata Solar which has her long sliding roof covered in solar panels to provide a more energy and eco friendly cruise. Below and forward you will find one double cabin, a small kitchen and a bathroom that can all be fully customised to you wishes. What a range of features for a yacht of this size. Aras has yet again give his design the added value factor.
'All In One'

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