Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Exclusive: The Story of Pendana, part 1

This is part one of an exclusive five part series spread out over the next four months about M/Y Pendana, her passionate owner James, the expeditions James and his family have experienced, and not to mention the up coming expedition planned for the end of the year.

James was born in West Africa and raised in England and Australia, with his passion for yachts starting when he purchased his first yacht, a 25ft Bertram. From here James' yachts got larger as he became hooked on the yachting bug. He went on to acquire a 36ft Scarab, a 46ft Riviera and just last year purchased the beautiful Nordhavn 62 M/Y Pendana (seen in the image above).

A lot of thought and planning went into finding Pendana, says James, I kept asking myself what is the right yacht? I knew when I came across Nordhavn that they would be the right yachts as they ticked all the right boxes, it was just a matter of finding the right model. One of the reasons that Nordhavn appealed to James was their attention to detail and the perfection of the finishing. The quality of ten year old Pendana was definitely put to the test when she arrived into Brisbane Australia on the 20th December 2011 after being delivered from Florida on dockwise. After she got unloaded, she was boarded by fifteen customs officers who used special moisture detection devices to look for moisture in the wooden interior, but after many hours she passed with a perfect score. They couldn't detect any moisture and James was told this only happens once every four years, so it just goes to show how good of a build she is.

After the great news, which was an early Christmas present Pendana and her new crew made their way towards Sydney on a 450nm delivery to her new home. Since arriving in Sydney James and his family have been taking her on trips all up and down the Gold Coast, where they have encountered all the elements the weather has to offer. Now James, his family and crew are busy planning their next trip where they will tackle the open ocean on their crossing from Sydney to New Zealand in mid December.

Mega Yacht Global will bring you part two in November as we re-join James, family and Pendana as they prepare for their trip to New Zealand. For more information on Pendana visit

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