Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marco Casali Designs New Benetti Superyachts

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for
tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning"

From the inspirational words of Albert Einstein, Marco Casali from Too Design in Italy started his design of three innovative Superyachts for Benetti. For the Amarcord 56 design, Too Design took the historical classic lines of (yesterdays) Benetti yachts and reinterpreted them in a modern way. Principessa 72 was designed by looking at the traits of the projects over the last ten years (today) focusing on an innovative functional scheme and on the evolution of the typical lines of the Benetti yachts. Finally, they designed a yacht from the future (tomorrow) Cloud 90, but still leaving traces of the historical memory of the Benetti yard.

Amarcord 56

The Amarcord project resembles the classic Benetti lines of the 1970s with a modern twist. The owners full beam suite is located forward on the main deck and features two terraces. Two further VIP guest cabins are located on the upper deck so that guests can appreciate the magnificent views from the large windows, both of which come with fold down terraces.

The stern extrudes the lines of the upper deck so that it can feature a raised beach area with jacuzzi, which also acts as a bridge to the sea which is accessible from two side stairs opening to the stern platform. She will measure 56m (184ft) in length and will be able to accommodate 16 guests including the owners.  

Principessa 72

Marco Casali and Too Design have got this design spot on. They wanted to take the styling from the last ten years and bring it forward into the present day. When you look at the Principessa project you can see the smooth exterior lines of the yachts from the last ten years but they have emphasized the stern with the flowing deck lines. This opened up the option for a pool and lounging area on the bow.

The owners cabin is not it a traditional place, but in the heart of the yacht, in the middle deck. She will be able to accommodate four large tenders in two double garages, one forward and one aft with the possibility to transform one of them into a spa or gym. She will measure 72m (236ft) in length and will be able to accommodate 12-16 guests including the owners depending on the layout. A crew of 24 will keep her in pristine condition wherever she travels in the world.

Cloud 90

Cloud is definitely a Superyacht from the future and from looking at her you can see how Marco Casali has turned his idea into a design.

"The project idea was born from the desire to suspend a cloud above a hull
 and lock it with a giant side reinforcement taken from the Benetti heritage." 

The middle deck with its fully glazed partitions is one giant open plan layout, like the deck of an aircraft carrier. This gives plenty of space for the guests to make use of. The wide open spaces feature two swimming pools, one forward and one aft, both surrounded with their entertainment areas. The whole perimeter of the bridge is left free to give life to a running track of almost 200m in length, half of a Olympic running track.

The upper and distinct cloud deck is the owners private apartment which includes 360 degree views, snooker room, lounge, office and a massage area. The well-being theme flows throughout the yacht from the upper deck to the lower deck, which houses a gym and spa area for the guests. She will measure 90m (295ft) in length and will be able to accommodate 16 guests including the owners in an 8 cabin layout.


  1. These yachts sound fantastic - I'd like the interior spec of Amarcord and the exterior of Cloud, which is strange because I usually like the traditional touches, which come with an historical yacht, but the futuristic designs are starting to win me over.

  2. There are some great modern designs starting to appear on the market right now