Thursday, November 8, 2012

M/Y Sherakhan Plans Antarctica Trip

Sherakhan is one of the most impressive Superyachts on the charter market right now, her luxurious interior and rugged expedition exterior provide the perfect balance for adventurous guests and not to mention her up coming winter charters. This winter she will be taking on the cold waters of the Antarctic and make stops at Half Moon Island, Deception Island, Hydrurga Rocks, Paradise Harbour and Lemarie Channel. Her guests won't want to forget their camera for this charter!

This is the charter of a lifetime and throughout the cruise guests will enjoy a fantastic lecture program about the wildlife, geology, history and geography of South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. Guests will begin their adventure when they fly from Punta Arenas to Frei Base in King George Island (South Shetland Islands archipelago). Once ashore, they will visit the surroundings of the Chilean Frei Base and the Russian Bellingshausen Base. Then gather at the shore of Fildes Bay to board Sherakhan their home for the next five days.

Half Moon Island is the first stop on the cruise, it's a wildlife rich island tucked into a neat bay at the eastern end of Livingston Island. On a clear day the glaciers and mountains of Livingston Island dominate the scene along with the penguin collony.

From here Sherakhan will move on to Deception Island which is like making a journey to the moon. She will maneuver through the narrow opening of Neptune’s Bellows to enter the flooded volcanic crater. Inside is an unworldly scene that lacks life and glaciers flow down from the edge of the crater to cold water below. Guests will be able to explore the lifeless remains of a derelict whaling station and a vacant British base, or climb to the rim of the crater.

The next stop is Paradice Harbour a protected bay surrounded by magnificent mountain peaks and glaciers, which provides the perfect place for whales such as humpbacks, orcas and minkes, as well as crabeater seals.

The following day Sherakhan's captain will head up the Lemarie Channel where he will have to use his years of experience to navigate through the large iceberg's on the way to hydruga rocks. Guests will enjoy an evenings entertainment and dinner before they make their way back to King George Island the next day.

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  1. As if those penguins encourage me to have antarctica trips someday. So cute!