Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nordhavn Owner Releases Book

You might remember, a couple of months ago we ran a four part series about owner James, his Nordhavn 62' "Pendana" and the planning of their trip to New Zealand. Unfortunately James had to cancel his trip to New Zealand due to adverse weather conditions, but we all know "never underestimate mother nature". James is now in the process of planning his next trip and hopefully mother nature will be on his side this time. But in the middle of all the planning and trips he has been working hard completing his book which is due for release at the end of March 2013. The book will be available for purchase on Amazon and also on Pendana.net.

From Family to Crew is the true account of Dr. James Ellingford and his family as they embark on a remarkable journey with Pendana, a beautiful vessel designed for open-ocean cruising that is docked in beautiful Bobbin Head, Broken Bay, approximately twenty nautical miles north of Sydney, Australia. Ellingford and his wife have owned several boats over the course of their lives, but none so impressive and capable as Pendana, a Nordhavn 62. The doctor and his family purchased the boat and decided to write about their experiences over the first year of ownership, feeling that it would have been helpful for them if such a book was available at the time that they decided to buy Pendana.

From Family to Crew shows anyone interested in voyaging with their families that it may be challenging at times yet absolutely possible for a couple with no real hands-on knowledge or experience of crossing oceans, to successfully own and operate such a sophisticated vessel. Ellingford's account of his adventurous first year holds nothing back, offering brutal honesty about the myriad of challenges he and his family worked hard to overcome. Many obvious aspects of boat ownership are thoroughly covered, along with others that one might not even think of before purchasing such a boat.

Ellingford's story is all the more compelling given the aspect of his family's role in the maintenance and use of Pendana. While there are many stories about a man alone with his vessel, the presence of a wife and children gives the book a much more interesting and unusual twist that will appeal to a wide range of readers. How will they deal with the usual pressures of family life compounded with the notoriously difficult life at sea? How will the doctor and his wife learn how to confidently operate the boat enough to justify its purchase? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this exhilarating firsthand account of life with Pendana.

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