Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The NewCruise 90m "Arrow" Design

NewCruise have come up with this fantastic but unusual new 90m (295ft) design named "Arrow". What launched NewCruise into this design phase for Arrow was the question: "How could the atmosphere of a baroque chateau's orangery be created onboard a superyacht?"

Typically an orangery provides shelter and lots of light to plants during the winter. To achieve this, the lofty spaces are usually built from cast iron trusses and glass. This has been portrayed in upper deck as it resembles an orangery with cast iron trusses and glass paneling. The orangery deck will provide the owner and guests with a vast, spacious, light and airy sheltered space, which will span over two levels.

The glass paneling filters out a large portion of the suns heat while also generating electric energy.
At the aft end of the orangery you'll find a stylish staircase leading to a raised indoor/outdor balcony, that opens up to some spectacular views.

Due to the unusual layout of a lofty two level deck it restricts the number of onboard guests to 12, but NewCruise firmly believe that this is strongly offset by the spectacular atmosphere within the orangery salon.

"Innovative, Unusual and Spacious"


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