Sunday, February 3, 2013

Zuccon Superyacht Design Brand

The yacht designer Zuccon International Project closed the year 2012 with the November 17th launch of "J'Ade", a 60m (197ft) designed By Zuccon and built by the CRN yard, and opened the year 2013 with another new development, the January 12th launch in Ancona of "Chopi Chopi", an 80m (262ft) superyacht built in the CRN yard as well. "Chopi Chopi" and "J'Ade" introduce a new Zuccon project: the Zuccon Superyacht Design brand. The company has set up this new division to focus exclusively on the study and customisation of new superyacht projects.

Now that they are working more frequently on larger yachts, the Roman studio has decided to usher in the year 2013 with the launch of a new brand: Zuccon Superyacht Design. Zuccon International Project or ZIP already had a division concerned primarily with large yachts, but the establishment of Zuccon Superyacht Design gives a further boost to this field of work, while maintaining strong ties with the brand’s history, tradition and design heritage.  SYD has a very specific mission putting to work the experience and know-how it has accumulated over decades of work for Italian and international shipyards. The new brand, ZSYD or Zuccon Superyacht Design, has a simple structure reflecting two very important values: continuity and innovation.

They are currently working on the completion of five superyachts: in addition to the 80m Chopi Chopi and the 60m J’Ade (CRN 125), it has a 74m project (CRN 131) and two 43m semi-displacing superyachts under construction.

80m "Chopi Chopi" Launch


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