Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grand Ambition, The Story of Lady Linda

An excellent read that will encapsulate the reader and bring them on a journey through the construction of one of finest superyachts on the water today. Journalist and Author G. Bruce Knecht set out to write a book about the people involved and the construction of a superyacht, but no one could foresee what was going to happen.

The world economy over the last decade has had its ups, where people like Doug and Linda Von Allmen could afford to own one superyacht for cruising the Mediterranean and also commission a new build for cruising the Bahamas. Lady Linda was that superyacht, she measures a total length of 57m (187ft), cost $40 million USD, was designed by Evan K. Marshall and built by Trinity Yachts in Gulfport Mississippi.

But the world economy also had its downs and the economic crisis changed everything for the Von Allmens. As the crisis went into overdrive they began to question their lifestyle and if they could really afford Lady Linda? and if that wasn't enough, things got even worse when a Ponzi scheme was on the verge of destroying all of their ambitions and dreams.

G. Bruce Knecht has produced a one of a kind book not only for superyacht fanatics but for everyone who wants a gripping read. His passion for his work flows through the book and keeps you turning every page from start to finish.  

Grand Ambition: An extraordinary yacht, the people who built it, and the millionaire who can't really afford it, is on sale from today the 5th of March.

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