Monday, March 18, 2013

New 42m & 49m Moonen Designs

Moonen have just revealed two new designs a 42m (138ft) and a 49m (161ft) that both come in just under the 500 GT mark. These two designs have come from the design tables of Rene van der Velden.

42m Displacement
Moonen have always produced megayachts up to 35m but their recent launch of the 42m custom yacht Sofia (with a three man submarine) and these two new designs, is proving that Moonen have the ability to go larger for their clients.  

"We opened a new (second) facility in 2008 to accommodate larger superyachts," says Moonen managing director Emile Bilterijst. "In this hall we can build up to 50m, and even longer is possible with a few adjustments. But size isn't everything… We are also very aware of the requirement among many owners to stay under the 500 gross tonnage figure. These two new designs are our response to that desire."

The 49m Moonen has an aluminium hull while the 42m design features a beamy steel hull with an aluminium superstructure of the same size. "While primarily an indication of volume and as such related to the length, there are other factors involved with GT," explains Bilterijst. "A narrow, lightweight vessel with a reduced superstructure can have the same volume as a heavy, wide boat with a larger superstructure and still have a higher speed." 

49m Fast Displacement

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