Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The WOW Factor on 72m "Stella Maris"

VSY have confirmed that their 72m (236ft) flagship Stella Maris is one of four megayachts in the world to have a fully certified helideck, many have helidecks but few are certified. She is also one of the smallest megayachts to have obtained her certified helideck by the HCA (Helideck Certification Agency).

Landing on the helideck of a megayacht is a challenge and carries serious risks. Not many people know that the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency's Large Commercial Yacht code (LY2) has been modified to increase the security and standards so that security during take off and landing keeps accidents and injury to a minimum.

Her helideck is approved for a Eurocopter EC 135 that can land  and take off by day or night and also has the option of a side landing depending on weather conditions. Once the helicopter is gone, the deck can be transformed into a magnificent dining area, sun deck or a hosting area for those all important parties.

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