Friday, May 10, 2013

Tragedy At Americas Cup Artemis Team

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Artemis team member Andrew "Bart" Simpson as news came in today of his tragic death in a fatal indecent which occurred in the San Francisco bay area.

The AC72 challenger was performing a bear-away maneuver when one of its bows dropped under the water flipping the boat. Andrew Simpson was believed to be trapped under the boat in the incident, attempts were made to revive him on the water and also on land but tragically he lost his life.

Andrew Simpson was a British double Olympic champion and a core member of the 11 man crew on the Artemis AC72 team who are challenging for the most prestigious sailing trophy "The Americas Cup" later this summer.  

This is truly a shocking story that rocked the yachting industry across the world as it has lost one of their elite Andrew "Bart" Simpson. More information on the story can be found at Artemis Racing



  1. It is a tragic moment, and my condolences and heart felt wishes with the departed's family. It is sad that the teams concerned think Master Mariners with umpteen number of years of sailing experience, and who have weathered all storms, (Not in a teacup), and know a thing or two about the stability, are not consulted at all. Yachts and Racing boats are rich men's fancy, and may be we are not handsome and presentable enough to advise, but we are old and wise.


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