Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gearing Up For Delivery

Nordhavn's flagship the N120 is gearing up for her long delivery voyage from the P.A.E yard on the south coast of China to her new home in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is the first hull in the 120 series and is currently undergoing her final sea trials in preparation for her maiden voyage which is scheduled for the end of this month.

The delivery crew will include P.A.E vice president Jim Leishman, naval architect Jeff Leishman, the excited new owner and some the factory staff. She will only stop off once in Hong Kong throughout her whole 5,000nm voyage but if this was my maiden voyage I think a pit-stop in the South Pacific island maybe "Bora Bora" would have to be incorporated into the planning, wouldn't you agree?

For everyone wondering where she is at anytime of the day there will be a special website section set up on which will include daily onboard commentary, statistics, photos, tracking and even a questions & answers section with the crew. We will keep you posted on our Facebook and twitter pages as to when the N120 site is up and running.

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