Tuesday, July 9, 2013

De Basto Designs, 55m Quartz

Luiz de Basto of De Basto Design has came up with this quite amazing 55m (180ft) concept named Quartz. Luiz has designed Quartz to allow the owner to be in constant contact with the water and the natural surrounding area when she is at anchor. In order to do this he had to challenge the pre-existing ideas of megayacht exterior styling.

Luiz comments: "I was interested in exploring the relationship between the hull and superstructure and avoid the generic look we see in so many yachts today. However, to me yacht design is never a matter of style, it's a matter or architecture and technology working together seamless, achieving the type of results we can appreciate on a samurai sword or an iPhone. With this approach in mind there's no space for the cosmetic or superficial, everything has a function to fulfill, or even two, and its beauty comes from the correct use of technology".

The inspiration for the amazing suspended upper glass deck came form the exterior styling of modern day skyscrapers which have seamless floor to ceiling exterior windows. The upper deck (pavilion) is suspended in the air to allow the gap act as a wave breaker in those rough seas and also let natural light enter the deck below by a large sky light.

The side glass in the pavilion is on tracks so that the deck can be open to the outside surroundings or fully enclosed for extra protection on those windy days. The aft sides of the hull along with the garage door can be opened out to water level creating a unique beach club area with even more space than your typical beach club.  

Quartz will be able to provide the right owner with a yachting experience like no other and would be right at home anchored off a tropical island with a cool breeze.

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