Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Setzer Designs New Megayachts

Setzer Yacht Design last week released the first images of their stunning new series of megayachts called "New American Motoryachts". The modern and sleek designs originated from a set of freehand sketches developed by Ward Setzer while on a design sabbatical from their Antigua design studio. The series has a range of megayachts from 28 to 48 meters which is part of a broader collection of 18 new designs which will be released throughout the remainder of 2013.

The goal for the series, says Setzer, "is to freshly redefine several long-standing yacht categories that have strong American roots, but are clearly looking tired. We want to breathe new life into them".

Setzer points to tri-decks, raised-pilothouses, flush decks, and commuters as examples of yacht genres and comments on the need for revitalization due to the next generation of megayacht owners: "We've been incredibly fortunate to have launched over forty designs in these categories in the last twenty years. But we also know that to resonate with the next generation of American owners, many of which are young entrepreneurs, we need to give these yachts a new personality".

The beautiful uninterrupted exterior lines along with the two toned colour scheme is sure to be a major hit on the megayacht scene, especially with the new generation of young entrepreneurial owners. Setzer also points out another valid observation, that the internal volume of the modern megayacht has drastically increased as owners now want dedicated workspaces: "It used to be that owners and guests went yachting to escape the office, but today they'd prefer to have a state-of-the-art, fully-mobile workplace on-board, so they can do their most inspired thinking at sea".

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