Saturday, September 28, 2013

Feadship Unveil Royale Design

Earlier this week at the Monaco Yacht Show Feadship unveiled their highly anticipated future concept design "Royale". She is a true modern marvel of beauty and innovation, a megayacht ready for the 21st century. Feadships unveiling of their annual future concept design is some what of a tradition at the Monaco Yacht Show and are usually designed for the future generation of megayacht owners in mind. We are all pretty sure at Megayacht Global that the Royale concept will be snapped up pretty fast by a new owner.

The designers have given full rein to their imagination on the potential requirements of two specific hypothetical owners, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of Holland.

"Feadship Royale is not an official gift for their majesties, although we do hope they have fun exploring our thinking on their behalf," comments Farouk Nefzi, marketing & brand director at Feadship. "Feadship has built a number of stately superyachts for sovereigns from around the world. We also designed Piet Hein, a gift from the Dutch people to King Willem-Alexander’s grandmother Princess Juliana on the occasion of her marriage in 1937. It is fair to say that we are rather proud of this royal heritage."

"While recent builds such as Venus have already established our leading position in this highly specialised area, Feadship Royale deploys glass to an unprecedented degree," explains Tanno Weeda, one of the design team responsible. "Having a full-height glass superstructure is a challenging concept but we are convinced that it is now technically possible. As more and more glass is used on land-based projects, our sophisticated clients have the right to expect the same on their superyacht. Ovens of the size required to bend giant glass panels are now available, and Feadship has the design and construction expertise to ensure total safety at sea."

A major section of the magnificent interior apart from the large atrium and staircase is the owner's private apartment forward on the main deck featuring a lounge and four staterooms. The owners room in their private apartment is massive surrounded all by glass and spans over three stories.


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