Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Palumbo Launch: 40m Columbus Sport Hybrid

During the weekend on Saturday the 31st of August the Palumbo shipyard in Naples launched the highly anticipated 40m (131ft) Columbus Sport Hybrid. She was launched with the use of two cranes; one 700tn telescopic crane and another 550tn boom crane, you can only imagine the skill and accuracy need in controlling the two cranes simultaneously.

Columbus Yachts are well known for their respect for the marine environment and the 40m Columbus Sport Hybrid is no exception with its use of an environmentally friendly hybrid system.

She will comply with the latest IMO MARPOL regulations and will be equipped with a bilge water separator even if its not requested by the class. The most environmentally friendly system is the hybrid system itself. This will allow the yacht to have a slow navigation with the main engines turned off and just two generators running. The generators have a low impact on the environment due to the fact that their engines run at a fixed rpm thus reducing the carbon emissions. The hybrid system consists of two electric engines connected to the gear box. This allows to have electrical navigation for a maximum speed of 7.5kts getting power from the two generators. The hybrid system can be useful for quiet night navigation due to the electrical engines being very silent.

The owner of the yacht teamed up with Italian design studio Hot Labs Design for the yachts interior to match her smooth sexy exterior lines that come together to create a master piece of innovation and style. The yachts interior shows a combination of warm materials with soft colors to avoid any strong contrast.

She will make her debut at the up coming Monaco Yacht Show this month.

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