Thursday, December 19, 2013

Third Wally Cento Sold

The third wallycento by Wally Yachts has been sold and is currently under construction at Green Marine in the UK. The great racing between Hamilton and Magic Carpet3 the other two wallycentos has persuaded an passionate American owner to join the club of the innovative box ruled superyacht.

"The Wally Class and the wallycento Class successful competitiveness attracted the new owner" explains Luca Bassani, Wally and Wally Class President "who is a keen sailor and racer, determined to participate in all our regattas, as well as to cruise in the Mediterranean".

She is developed by Reichel Pugh naval architects with the exterior styling and interiors by Wally, the third wallycento differs from Magic Carpet3 even though they are designed by the same architect.

She features different hull lines and has one rudder versus the two of Magic Carpet3. The shaft line is mechanical, whilst remaining retractable. On deck a new design has been applied to the deckhouse and the coaming that is completely covered by teak to be integrated into the rest of the deck, no sliding across the deckhouse for the crew while racing. Inside, the layout and the styling are very similar to those of Magic Carpet3, but the galley has been moved to the port side and the crew cabin to the starboard side to avoid any interference of the access to the engine room with the meal preparation. She is also the first to feature the bow thruster.

"The sale of the wallycento third unit confirms the success of the formula" says Bassani "We are confident to further expand the fleet of these super yachts, that share similar high performance to increase the closeness of the racing and the competitive level while remaining very comfortable and fully equipped cruising yachts".

"Cruising in comfort at the speed of the fastest maxi racer and racing at the highest level of competition is the dream of every passionate yachtsman" continues Bassani "wallycento is the first and only super yacht making this dream come true. By keeping the boats very similar in size and concept, the wallycento Class offers closer racing within a narrow rating range".

She is scheduled to be launched in June 2015.

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