Thursday, August 11, 2011

Picchiotti & Perini Navi Group Launch "Galileo G"

Galileo G is the second boat launched in the Vitruvius Series by Picchiotto & Perini Navi Group. Galileo G is 183ft which is slightly larger the the first yacht Exuma 164ft, which was launched in this series. Galileo G stands out which her two tone paint job with a dark blue hull with white decks makes her a very sleek and stylish yacht (very Italian looking yacht).

This yachts hull is specially designed for exploring the coldest areas of the globe. Her owner intends to navigate the North West Passage and the Baltic sea in the winter. You can read about the north west passage in one of the previous articles " Two Gates, Two Oceans ". One of her features is a retractable ice detector the can signal the captain when there is submerged ice or icebergs up to 1 kilometer away. this will come in very handy for the explorations that this enthusiastic owner want to do with his yacht.
Some of her toys that she will have on board will be laser dinghies, kayaks, a 21ft tender and a military spec zodiac.
She will have a top speed of 16kts and a cruising speed of 11kts which will give a range of 9,000nm. She will be able to accommodate 10 guests in 2 double cabins, 2 twin cabins and the owners cabin. There is plenty of space on this yacht with its tenders stored in the bow under the deck. The interior hasn't been released so nothing is known on what color schemes and layout is inside.
The third yacht to be launched in this series is currently under construction and will be launched in Spring of 2012. She will be larger than Exuma and Galileo, measuring in at 239ft.

Look out for Galileo G at the Monaco Yacht Show in late September.

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