Saturday, October 15, 2011

SuRi Refit at Bay ship & Yacht Co.

The well known expedition yacht SuRi 173ft will be under going a major refit in which she will be extended to 208ft in length due to the mid body hull and superstructure insert of 36ft. The task of this refit has been taken by Bay Ship & Yacht Co. who are going to be collaborating with naval architects Kirilloff & Associates and with Herringbone Design for the interior side of the refit.

The enhancements that SuRi will gain out of her refit will include a 24ft extension of the sun deck which will allow the guests enjoy more space and a new alfresco dining area. There will be a new guest lounge just off the main lounge which will have floor to ceiling glass panels that can be opened to bring the outside in. She will gain two full beam guest cabins on the mezzanine deck, also the other cabins will be expanded and changed.

Due to the increase in length the storage hanger on the main deck will gain a extra space to store even more toys for water activities. On the lower hold deck she will have a new gym/yoga room, a meeting room that can be converted in to a childern's play room if needed, a media room with state of the art music and tv systems. The most extraordinary new feature will be her two large viewing windows in the hold deck which will bring the guests closer to the ocean floor and the lights will attract the sea life for guests to see.

SuRi is the support vessel for JeMaSa the 164ft Hakvoort and it will be her second refit 5 years. her first refit was in 2007 where she grew from 166ft to 173ft.

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