Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The International SeaKeepers Society

The International SeaKeepers Society is a non-profit organization of international opinion leaders dedicated to the protection, preservation and restoration of our oceans through the collection and distribution of oceanographic and atmospheric data.

The organization was founded in 1998 by a small group of yacht owners who were horrified by the deteriorating conditions of the seas. Their goal was to develop a compact, automated and cost effective ocean and atmospheric monitoring system that they could install on their yacht to help provide valuable data to scientists on the health of the worlds oceans. This was a genius idea because usually this data can only be obtained from research vessels. With their mega yachts traveling to remote places of the globe they could now provide valuable data from places not usually visited by research vessels.

The system is called the SeaKeeper 1000 is now installed in more than 45 locations around the world including yachts, cruise ships, ferry's, buoys and piers. It is endorsed by the United Nations and the World Meteorological Organization. NOAA and the U.S National Weather Service continue to purchase the SeaKeeper 1000 for their vessels.

One of the SeaKeepers yachts is the well traveled 147ft Big Fish owned by Hong Kong based businessman Richard Beattie. The yacht has traveled the South Pacific, Atlantic, Med, Antarctica and South America collecting some valuable data while on its journeys.

The system can be installed on your yacht for around 30,000 dollars and then an annual calibration of the system for 10,000. The system is housed in what looks like a large electrical breaker box and while you are enjoying your travels and holiday you are all the time contributing to protecting the wolds oceans.

More information, news articles and contacts regarding the purchase of the SeaKeeper 1000 for your yacht can be found on the SeaKeepers web site, see the link below

The International SeaKeepers Society

"Protect, Preserve and Restore"

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