Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lurssen Launch Their 2nd Largest To Date 144m 'Topaz'

Yesterday the German shipyard Lurssen, just launched their 2nd largest Superyacht to date the 144m (472'4") Topaz. She goes straight in to the list of the top 100 privately owned yachts at position number 5. Not much is known about this monster of a Superyacht as she has been kept top secret throughout her construction.

We can tell you that she is 144m in length but some reports suggest that she is slightly larger at 147m, she has a a gross tonnage of 11,589 and a beam of 21.50m. We can presume by her design features from some of the pictures floating around the internet that her designer might be the renowned Tim Heywood but this cannot be confirmed.

There is also the speculation and guessing game going on at the moment as to who the owner is, but what we can tell you that it's all speculation. The usual guesses are appearing such as a member of the Saudi Royal Family, a Russian billionaire and also a family from Dubai. As not much is known about Topaz and the secrecy of the project, still even after her launch we believe the guessing game will continue for a lot longer.

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The below video is courtesy of The Yacht Photo for more pictures of Topaz follow the link.

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  1. Today is Topaz Yacht at port of Tarragona (Spain) repairig minus cosmetics (outboard lights 2-12-12