Thursday, July 12, 2012

MY Octopus Arrives in Hamburg

It is mid summer and Superyachts are all on the move bringing their owners and guest on luxurious trips all over the world. It seems that the expedition yachts are being noticed and photographed by amazed onlookers on both sides of the Atlantic this week. Earlier this week the 115m Luna entered the 1000 island region on the Canadian/US boarder and in the same week the 126m Octopus passed Blankenese on her approach to Hamburg Germany. The below video was captured by an onlooker and shows Octopus at her best.

Octopus was built by lurssen in 2003 and is currently sits at number 14 in the worlds top 100 Superyachts. She measures a total length of 126m (414ft) and can reach a top speed of 20kts. Some features include 2 submarines, a basketball court, swimming pool, cinema and not one but two helipads. Her exterior was designed by Espen Oenio and designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett was responsible for her interior design. Her owner, Microsoft co founder Paul Allen uses this expedition yacht to her potential and travels the world, as she was spotted in the Maldives at the start of the year. She has also taken on the notorious North West Passage as well as many other great expeditions since her launch in 2003.

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