Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paul Allen's Octopus to Help British Navy

Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen is lending his magnificent 126m (414ft) expedition yacht 'Octopus' to the British Royal Navy in an expedition recovery mission to locate and raise the bell from the famous battle cruiser HMS Hood. The HMS Hood sank at the hands of the German battleship Bismarck in 1941 where 1,415 members of the crew were lost, the largest loss of life ever suffered by any British warship.

The last time HMS Hood and her bell were seen was 11 years ago in 2001 in a expedition to the site where she lies, in deep waters west of Iceland. If and when the bell is recovered it will be returned to the Royal Navy and then gifted to the Museum in Portsmouth to commemorate the loss of life.

The expedition will get under way later this month after the London Olympic Games finishes. Mega Yacht Global would like to wish the crew and the British Royal Navy the very best in the recovery of an important piece of British and world history. For more information on HMS Hood please follow the below link to the HMS Hood Association.

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