Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Weird & Wonderful

The future of Superyacht design might be progressing faster than you might think, well by looking at the wonderful futuristic designs by Island Yacht Design, it is. These amazing designs combine an owners Superyacht with their dream of being able to take their luxury homes or islands anywhere in the world. As Island Yacht Design comment;

'Your tropical paradise wherever you want'

The above design 'Tropical Island Paradise' is their second design following on from their 'Streets of Monaco' design which can be seen below. For this design the theme centres around a secluded island paradise, with elements inspired by the islands of the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Polynesia. The yacht has an overall length of 90m (295ft) and an extensive beam of 33m (108ft). She is designed to accommodate up to 10 guests and a diesel electric power plant will power her to a maximum speed of 15kts. Her hull will be constructed out of steel and her superstructure a mixture of aluminium and FRP.

The main exterior deck features a large infinity pool which is the center piece of the private island cove and is fed by the cascading waterfall from the volcano. Around the pool there are a number of private cabanas, 4 of which have direct access to the VIP suites with private balconies located on the deck below. The owners master suite is located inside the volcano and is spread over two decks. The living room balcony has pristine views out over the islands cove.

In the below design 'Streets of Monaco' the designers have definitely shown how driven they are in producing something that is different and out of the ordinary. One thing that it is, is a work of art.

She measures 155m (508ft) in length and can get her crew of 70 and 16 guests to anywhere in the world at a maximum speed of 15kts. Its like Monaco, casino square and the famous F1 circuit have been transplanted and resurrected again as a Superyacht.

The seven guest suites are located off the lower atrium level and vary in size, from the more modest 135 m2 suite to the grand 356 m2 VIP suites. They all include their own reception room, bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and balcony. The owners apartment is located on the upper level of the atrium and is spread over 3 floors, it covers a total 1460m2 of floor space. As well as the usual lounge the apartment features a fire place and double height ceiling, office, bedroom, bathroom, his/hers dressing rooms. It also features a listening room, private courtyard, sunroom, numerous balconies and private sundeck with a Jacuzzi/swimming pool. What design will they think of next.

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