Saturday, September 22, 2012

Heesen Present New Designs in Monaco

On September 19 in the Principality of Monaco, Heesen directors Fabio Ermetto and Hans Boerakker, together with Piet and Perry van Oossanen from Van Oossanen Naval Architects and Frank Laupman from Omega Architects gathered at the Yacht Club de Monaco to present the new Heesen range to the yachting community.

Fabio Ermetto, Director of Sales and Marketing said: 'Heesen is moving in a new direction. In fact, four new directions. And in doing so, we want to ensure that different means better. Our four concepts have advantages over every other yacht built at their size: 65m, 55m, 45m and 42m. New considerations are becoming a priority and innovative technology is required. Working with the most radical thinkers, these four yacht forms were developed to overcome seemingly opposing attributes: to go faster but use less fuel, to increase range and speed, to increase performance but reduce environmental impact, to enable uncompromised interior design without compromising performance.'
 The 65m (213ft) FDHF Project Omnia was presented in 2010 at the YCM and right after it was sold to a Heesen repeat client. Researched by the world’s leading maritime engineers, the 65’s revolutionary fast displacement hull is the most efficient yet tested. This yacht has the highest power to weight ratio of any comparable yacht. Efficiency is the most important element for yachts of the future, for the very simple reason that it delivers something utterly remarkable: higher performance and lower running costs. The delivery of the largest Heesen to date is slated for June 2013.
 The 55m (180ft) FDHF is the world’s first steel yacht over 50m with a fast displacement hull. She is the most fuel efficient yacht of her size and style available on the market. With an impressive sundeck of 110 square metres and a forward touch and go helipad of 70sqm, she offers a wide range of choices in her layout.
 The Heesen 45m (148ft) is the only big sports yacht built in Holland, boasting Dutch quality, an aluminium hull and power that can deliver 30 kts. A staggering feat of naval architecture: 40m of deck space, 30m of interior space in a yacht of 45m overall. The Heesen 45m is the perfect combination of both power and style.

 The 42m (138ft) FDHF equipped with Hull Vane® is the most dramatic advance in yachting: The first yacht that harnesses waves to produce power. Thanks to a special underwater wing developed by Van Oossanen Naval Architects, her efficiency is increased by an astonishing 35% for speeds up to 15.9kts. Cruising speed fuel consumption is reduced by 30% and she has a 4.000nm range, the longest of any 40m yacht. Reduced emissions means reduced environmental impact. The first Heesen 42m with Hull Vane was sold last May and is due for delivery in 2014.

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