Sunday, September 23, 2012

Icon Yachts New Expedition Concept

Icon Yachts have just introduced their new innovative and revolutionary design, 'EXPOSE'. This ultra modern 120m (394ft) expedition Superyacht is a new project by Icon Yachts in collaboration with Impossible Productions Ink. Her unique exterior styling is influenced by the modern supercars of today, giving those crisp angled lines.

According to Jen Wartena, Managing Director of Icon Yachts,' there is an increased demand for these type of Super Yachts. “Previously the demand for yachts was predominantly focused on the 60m yachts. Lately, we have received an increased requests for Super Yachts of 100m and up. Our shipyard and our team of experienced people are perfectly equipped to meet such demand. We have extensive expertise built up over the past years and with our yard located right at open sea, it is easy for these type of Yachts to be built here and set sail right away.'

One of her most innovative features is the separation between her hull and floating superstructure. This is emphasized by the glass main deck level through which all the entertainment, pool and spa spaces are located. The double height grand entrance at the front, when arriving by helicopter is also part of this open entertainment level.

She also features 2 helicopter pads including one helicopter hangar forward, a 8.5m submarine option, Icon aircraft, 14m tender, expansive tender garages, luxury supercar and art exhibit space, inside outside pool with glass bottom, infinity Jacuzzi, full deck of panoramic pool, a 900sqm spa & entertainment space, panoramic Saloon, 3D surround cinema, panoramic viewing pod on sundeck, wine cellar, humidor and chef's table.

Her interior layout provides the guests and owner with floor to ceiling windows, generous vertical connections and void spaces, creating the feeling of loft style living. 'The uniqueness of this layout and arrangement wrapped by the striking and well poised superstructure is the signature we recognized in the talented design team of Impossible Productions Ink, New York. We are extremely excited to present this and proud to be working with such pedigree.' Stephan Vitus, Head of Project Development.

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