Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vripack's Project Liquid

Project 'Liquid Silver' has been in the the Vripack design studio pipeline for many years and it just been in recent years that it has grown to become the Vripack vision of the modern research vessel, the research vessel yacht 2.0 (RVY). Her internal project name has long been Turmoil II. The main reason for this is her striking long forward bow being the boat deck, just like Vripack's previous RVY 1.0.

Her main deck blends into the her raised striking long bow to give clean flowing exterior lines while the practical location of her deck is still there. She has a closed transom just like the RVY 1.0, but Liquid Silver opens up to revival a complete beach club area. This is by no means an innovative idea on the Superyachts of today, but recent studies by Vripack with owners and crew clearly show the need for this recreational spot.

The layout of Liquid Silver continues on the success of other Vripack explorers with a crew deck above the waterline but under the main deck. Guest and general social functions on the main deck with the owner's deck above, creating a complete private walk around. The bridge deck is the next deck up and on top of that an observation deck. Vripack say 'Never change a winning layout' and we agree when it works it works.

  • Length: 85m (279ft)
  • Beam: 14.30m (47ft)
  • Draft: 4m (13ft)
  • Materials: Steel/Aluminium
  • Design: Vripack

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