Saturday, November 3, 2012

VSY Win Award At The Genoa Boat Show 2012

After her massive success and reception at the Monaco Yacht Show, Stella Maris, VSY’s flagship, lifted her anchor and headed down coast to take part in the opening weekend of the Genoa Boat Show. She measures 72m (236ft) in length and was crowned undisputed flag ship of the Show.

The Viareggio based shipyard was honored with a very prestigious award, where one of the Owner/Directors of VSY, Cristiana Longarini, was awarded the Yacht Capital Marina Yachting Award 2012 in recognition of her new model of management based on her ethical approach to integrated sustainability.

In thanking the sponsors of the evening, Cristiana Longarini underlined the importance of this award as a recognition of the policy the company had embarked on and pointed out that she accepted the prize on behalf of the entire shipyard.

 "For us, sustainability means discovering new routes and as history teaches, courage and passion alone redesign the maps necessary for new ways forward."

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