Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The 41m "Aziza" Gets Some Sun

ISA Yachts in Ancona Italy have just taken the 41m (134ft) "Aziza" out of her construction shed for her first glimpse of sun light as she gets ready for launching. Aziza is the first of the 5 fully custom megayachts ISA have under construction at their yard.

She was designed by Andrea Vallicelli and has been developed from the 39m classic platform. She has a displacement hull built from steel and a three deck superstructure that has been constructed from aluminium. When designing Aziza Andrea took into account three fundamental elements: the visual center back on the stern, a streamlined bow and large interior volumes.

Aziza was sold in late 2011 and took 20 months to build, involving about 250 people at the yard. She is scheduled to be launched in a couple of days time on the 20th of April and then delivered to her owner at the end of June after her sea trials.

The shed where Aziza was built will not remain vacant for long as the hull of the larger ISA54m is standing by to enter and start finishing works. There is another two megayachts in the shed finishing construction as well, the 43m and 66m Granturismo. We will have pictures of her launch as soon as they come in.

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