Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cantiere Delle Marche Launch "Gra Nil"

In Ancona on the 16th of May 2014 the Italian shipyard Cantiere delle Marche launched "Gra Nil", the new 26m (86ft) expedition yacht in steel and aluminium built by Cantiere delle Marche and designed by Sergio Cutolo of Hydro Tec.

She is the fifth launch in their Darwin Class by the shipyard since 2011. By August 2014 Cantiere delle Marche will have delivered the first two explorer yachts of the new line "CdM Nauta Air", thats designed by Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino of Nauta Yacht Design. The Nauta Air 86 and Nauta Air 90 will be officially presented during the up coming Boat Shows in 2014.

Vasco Buonpensiere sales director comments: "This is a very important year for CdM. This is the fifth delivery from the beginning and comes after two signed contracts, so this is a wonderful way to celebrate CdM success and dynamism".

Ennio Cecchini CEO, adds: "I personally experienced this long and exciting process that has brought us this success: I think the winning formula has been the full involvement of the client since the beginning, and I would like to thank him from all of us. It will be a very special Darwin Class indeed and we are all looking forward to seeing it cruising the Oceans!".

Gra Nil totally matches the Darwin Classes technical features, designed and engineered by Hydro Tec/Sergio Cutolo: the extra thick steel plates, the treatment systems for bilge, black and grey water used also on commercial ships, two independent rudders. The client had the opportunity to customise both the tecnical specifications and Gra Nil's interior design during the contract's negotiation. Architect Pierluigi Floris created stylish and refined spaces that can host all of the client's family collection of contemporary art

All the lower deck is very bright thanks to the portholes which have been doubled up compared to the ones of the standard Darwin Class 86. The sky lounge on the upper deck is a wide space dedicated to the entertainment, with stereo systems, rollaway tv and other features for the guests entertainment.

We will bring you an update on the two new Nauta Air 86 and Nauta Air 90 as soon as we hear from the shipyard.

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