Monday, July 18, 2011

The Worlds Biggest

Eclipse 557ft and built by the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany.Is currently the largest privately owned yacht in the world. This yacht is owned by Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich who is currently worth around 13.4 billion which makes him the 53rd richest man in
the world according to the Forbes 2011 rich list. Eclipse took the top spot in being the largest privately owned yacht away from another monster of a yacht "Dubai" 531ft built by the Lurrsen shipyard. the difference between the two yacht is 36ft. Dubai is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum the head of state of Dubai.
Eclipse can accommodate her guests in 11 staterooms, not too many rooms for a yacht of this size. some of the features that she has include 2 swimming pools, 2 heli pads, multiple hot tube situated around the decks, 3 tenders, a submarine that can reach depths of 165ft, a gym, and a disco room for the late night parties that this yacht will definitely see. If that wasn't enough she is rumored to have a missile detection system.
She has a crew of 50 and has a cruising speed of 22kts and a max speed of 25kts. Quite a staggering speed for a yacht of this size. Her stylish and smooth lines makes her look very sleek and compliments her sheer volume. What will be the yacht that knocks Eclipse of the Number 1 spot? how big can these MegaYachts get? can we even call them MegaYachts? maybe GigaYacht is a better fit. Well how big they will get and who will be the next owner of the worlds largest privately owned Yacht is anyone's guess.

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